Self-hosted portfolio / blog: best way to work with external markdown files?

Hi everyone (first post!),

I’ve just watched this rather excellent intro to Strapi and I have a rough overview of how Strapi works / fits together.

I would like to build a site in a way that combines the benefits of a static site generator (i.e. physical markdown files) and a CMS (content types, relationships, etc).

The plan would be:

  • create all the top-level content (posts, tags, categories, etc) using the CMS
  • for each text-heavy content type (such as a post) host them as physical markdown files
  • from the CMS entry, reference the markdown file location


  • the markdown files will all reference images
  • these will likely be stored in the same folders (unless there are benefits to putting them elsewhere)

There are several reasons for me wanting to do this:

  1. I have a markdown editor I love
  2. because this is the “main” content, I don’t want the additional technical overhead of it being locked into a database

As a noob Strapi user, am I needlessly-reinventing the wheel here, or is this a fair approach?

Maybe there are better approaches?

Thanks for your help.