Send emails in strapi with sendgrid

System Information
  • Strapi Version: V4
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Database: mysqlPreformatted text

Hello, I am trying to set up password reset for strapi. I had trouble with the local instance that I was using initially so I am now on a fresh strapi server that is connected to a MySQL server running in docker. When I try to send a test email in strapi, it kicks back with an error on the web server and the following come out in the logs of the server.

[2022-07-19 10:55:44.903] error: Couldn't send test email: SMTP code:550 msg:550-5.7.26 Unauthenticated email from is not accepted due to domain's
550-5.7.26 DMARC policy. Please contact the administrator of domain
550-5.7.26 if this was a legitimate mail. Please visit
550-5.7.26 to learn about the
550 5.7.26 DMARC initiative. o7-20020a5d4a87000000b0021d1947563dsi13682762wrq.651 - gsmtp

I know that I am missing some sort of further authentication or setup but not exactly sure how to go about it. I have came upon an email provider that has been configured to work with strapi called sendgrid. I have set up an account with them but not exactly sure where to go from there. I do have a domain that I would like to send the email from that I own via google dns and I’ve authenticated my domain in sendgrid. Where in the documentation for strapi or the SendGrid plugin can I find specific steps on what I need to do to allow my strapi server to interface with sendgrid?