Seo concerns using Strapi and a frontend js library/framework


we are a small company using contao-cms and php for small and medium companies to make them an online-presence. Could there be any useful use-case to use modern languages, even though there is a concern about seo. Are there workarounds for making websites with e.g. react seo-friendly?

You can use SSR (Server side rendering) or SSG (Static site generators) to improve SEO.


In our company we have switched to the use of NextJS. This is a React Framework, which provides you with the SSG and SSR functions you need for SEO, for example. It also helps with other aspects of development.
I can only recommend it from my own experience.

But of course there are other modern frameworks.


thx for the quick answers

yes I’ve heard of nextjs and ssr

@mheob how big is your company? are you located in germany? what are the advantages of nextjs over php? what other aspects of development does it help?

btw. i could also use php and strapi if that makes sense.

Hi @steve84

We are a tiny company with only three employees from Germany. The last few years we had mainly used WordPress and CraftCMS. Since the middle of last year we have been using NextJS for most projects with either an existing database structure (e.g. WordPress API) or all new ones with Strapi.

The greatest advantages of this combination are the flexibility and reusability of individual components, even across projects. Today, we have become faster overall, just like in the past.

On the technical side we also have a few advantages. For smaller pages without a News system we like to use SSG for the frontend and host the pages completely static. The static files we can easily host e.g. via AWS S3. Of course there are many other providers.

The availability of already existing React components for most cases, the easy integration as PWA, the possibility to send push messages, the performance and the easy handling of CI/CD were the decisive factors in the end.

You must or should rethink the deploying because usually, there is no longer a large server rented where the hosting is done, but the projects are distributed according to their requirements on services like AWS, Heroku, Vercel, Netlify, Azure etc.

This should not be an advertisement, but I really don’t miss PHP anymore. If a combination of PHP and Strapi makes sense, I can’t answer and you have to find out yourself. Of course, it is possible because Strapi provides a REST or GraphQL-API as output.

I hope I could give you a rough idea.

Hi @mheob,

yeah great to know. Do you also use javascript features extensively with nextjs?

btw. I’m from germany too. We are also a small team with 4 employees.

Is it really that important to use SSG?

Certainly, SEO concerns while using modern JS frameworks like React are common but not insurmountable. When using Strapi with a frontend JS library, it’s crucial to consider Server-Side Rendering (SSR) to ensure that your content is indexed correctly by search engines. Tools like Next.js can provide these capabilities.

Regarding your specific use-case, offers an array of services to ensure that websites are optimized for SEO, even when utilizing modern languages. Even though the thread is three years old, these practices are still highly relevant today, and the methodologies here will help you get started on making your site SEO-friendly with modern technologies.