SEO Optimization for Media Assets

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FOR SEO PRACTICES – do we add the text in the alternative text?

The Alt text is the text that will be read out loud by screen readers, or if the image itself does not get shown. So for SEO i would always give a good filename and always give a good alternative name.

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Thank you – but where is the option to input this as “alternative name”

Wouldn that not be the alternative text ? in the screenshot.
If you are rendering this on the frontend as the image you want the alternative text to be render in the alt attribute of the image

We are making these changes directly here in our “Media Library”

But the first screenshot you showed, it had alternative text so click on one image then you should be able to set it ?

I’ve dabbled in SEO, and yes, adding descriptive text to your media’s alternative text is a smart move. It helps search engines understand the content, which can boost your SEO. Plus, it’s more accessible for users with disabilities. You could also use digital agencies (like ) to help you promote your site. I hope that helps!