Server config url and Heroku


I had to remove “url” from config/server.js because I’m using Heroku pipelines, where the build runs on staging, using staging env variables, and then it is copied to production. The problem was that the production app was trying to call myStagingUrl/admin/init. After removing the config url it is working.

Is there a way to keep the config url and to use Heroku pipelines?


I have the same problem and it’s weird because I don’t have any URL in the config/server.js. Did you also remove it in the other env folders?

EDIT : I removed it in the heroku dashboard and I finally can get the data in my production admin. Maybe we need to create an issue?

I didn’t have it in the other dev folders.

I think we should create an issue - the config url should not be used when building the Strap frontend but only during runtime.