SERVER ERROR when attempting to add new user

System Information
  • 3.2.4:
  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS:
  • mysql:
  • v12.16.2:
  • 6.14.4:
  • 1.22.5:

Hi. Before dropping the schema and reinstalling Strapi, I thought I’d ask here, in case there’s a quick and easy fix. I’ve been adding and removing relation fields before this, so something gummed up the works, but I don’t know how to correct it without a reinstall.
When I try to add a new user from the Strapi Admin panel I get a SERVER ERROR toast. I removed all the relation fields I added in order to have a base user, but that still produces the same error.
I’ve included screenshots below:

terminal error


I’m assuming you have some extra columns left in your DB. Can you please check in users-permissions_user table?

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That was the issue, there was another field that I had added and removed via the Strapi Admin Panel.
It doesn’t show up in the admin panel on Strapi, but I had created a UUID column, then removed it within the Strapi Admin. I had to use mysql workbench to see it and removed it from the table.

So why are things that are added then removed within the strapi Admin Panel remaining in the actual database? It’s marking them removed in the admin panel, but not actually removing them? There’s also an entire table (or collection in strapi terms) that is still in the database, that I had also deleted earlier inside the strapi admin panel.

I just did a test of this while typing this, and created a testcollection table, and then deleted it inside the strapi admin panel, and sure enough it is removed from the admin panel, but remains inside the mysql db. Is this considered a feature as opposed to a bug?

Thanks very much for all your help!