Set Datetime in UTC+0 timezone directly from UI

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v4.10.6
  • Operating System: Run from Docker Compose on Ubuntus server
  • Database: Postgres
  • Node Version: v16.20.0

This is somewhat similar topic.

On my Strapi UI, I set a DateTime (with hours) field. I understand that after receiving the time from my browser, Strapi server will convert to UTC+0 and store in the database.
For example, I set on UI the time “6/1/2023, 00:00:00”. When I call the API, it returns “2023-05-31T17:00:00.000Z”.
I understand this is the correct implementation?

However, in my use case, I want to set the time directly in the UTC+0 timezone from my Strapi UI. For example, I set “6/1/2023, 00:00:00” and the Strapi stores directly and returns “2023-06-07T00:00:00Z”.
Is it possible?

Thank you.

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The usability is not great: Here is my use case: I have a user in India. She enters a time which should be for an event in Africa. She enters 12:30 pm which is the local time for South Africa. It gets converted to 7:00 am UTC in the database. But actually the event should be at 12:30 pm South African time. But because she is in India, IST time, it got converted to 7:00 am UTC. Now the event is at 9:00 am South African time for whoever is in South Africa and accesses the Strapi admin UI.
I would wish that there is a way to enter local time in Strapi. That would improve a lot the user experience. Right now I have to tell the admin users in the India team to calculate all times in IST from whichever times they get in other timezones. That is a lot of time calculations.