Set selected tab in Tabs @ design-system 1.12.2

I’m building a custom page in a plugin and trying to set routing to Tabs/TabGroup using design-system v1.12.2*:

Can’t figure out how to programatically change selectedTabIndex. All I see is initialSelectedTabIndex, but that won’t change after first mount.

Am I missing something?

  • I’m using v1.12.4 because can’t/won’t upgrade Strapi since v4.14 due to custom patch-package tweaks that would break.

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FYI, I solved it by getting ref to TabGroup and use its internal _handlers.setSelectedTabIndex() method:

const tabGroupRef = React.useRef();

function setTabIndex(nextIndex) {
  // set tab by TabGroup's internal method, if available

return (
  <TabGroup ref={tabGroupRef}>...</TabGroup>