Shared Authentication between Strapi and existing Laravel Admin backend

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Originally asked in a Strapi Discord channel but thought I would add here for wider visibility :smiley:

We have an existing Laravel application that has an accessible admin interface and a bunch of API’s that our existing Vue SPA consumes. Ideally what we want is to use Strapi to publish content to the Vue SPA alongside using API’s from our Laravel backend. We have a requirement where we need to bolt on an existing Headless CMS to our admin interface and we want this to be as seamless as possible. The user logs into the Laravel admin (back office) area where a sidebar is shown with such values:

  • Users
  • Tenants
  • Another link
  • Content (Link to self-hosted Strapi instance)

When they click “Content” we would want them to be auto-logged into Strapi using our existing authentication implementation in Laravel. I appreciate this is a specific use case and perhaps it would be possible by registering / auto logging the User into Strapi (via their API endpoints) at the point they are created/logged into our Laravel admin area.

I’m not sure if Strapi may offer some form of external authentication adapter that would allow me to offload the process to the Laravel application. Has anyone else had a similar requirement or ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Out of the box i’m not sure. If it’s for the admin panel i would digg into the strapi source

This I think is the frontend I mean if the frontend in strapi can send auth requests, you could send the same request there to login the user then open and you should be logged in :thinking:

But out of the box I don’t think it’s supported or meant to be supported.

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I thought that might be the case unfortunately. Thanks for the info regarding the Strapi source…