Should I host a new VPS server for each Strapi project?

Should I host a new VPS server for each Strapi project?

We are seeking to have resilient independent communities or projects at different domains.

Personally, we don’t want to have single point of failures for many websites with one Strapi API, but on the other hand, doing this would be more expensive and also more timely for each project.

Maybe it would be wise to differentiate size of websites and critical needs for each community or project.

Having 5+ active websites running on one API with 10,000+ unique visits every day doesn’t sound like an intelligent option. I figure and assume, the global admin panel would be super complex and unorganized.

I may have answered my own question, but I really want to convince myself otherwise.

If I do the “default” configuration with strapi-server+strapi-api for each domain + server, a lot more work and resources will be needed. I would be able to bootstrap images and dup them this way to speed up the process, but money or resources will still be an issue.

We would like other projects we built to rely on our services for both advertising and centralization, but this way doesn’t warm my heart. The open source option for every domain separates duties and creates more responsibility. Some communities only want to write articles and care less about how backend works or costs for that matter.

If anyone here has any wisdom for this topic, please share.