Simple blog setup questions

Setting up a simple/hybrid blog post system using Strapi. Standard blog functionality assumed:
On each blog post (page) the actual blog content is visible, and at the bottom of each blog page are any comments that may have been posted. If user is logged in then add/edit functionality enabled, else login button.

For each post (article) in my blog, I want Strapi to track, store and manage all comments and likes - Strapi will not store the actual blog post. So each blog post I make will be on a separate web page (not managed by Strapi) and at the bottom of each of those pages will be the comments for that blog post (I’d like Strapi to manage the comments).

My initial setup thoughts were:

  1. A “blog” collection type with the post’s title/slug/id (the actual blog content will already be on the web page, not stored in Strapi)
  2. A “commenter” collection type with first/last/username/password to track users who want to log in and leave a comment in one or more blog posts
  3. A “comment” collection type with the comment and a relationship to the blog, as well as a relationship to the commenter

Given the above use case:

  1. I’m assuming I don’t want to create a Strapi system user for each of my commenters, I just want to create a simple commenter user so that I can show/hide Create, Update, Delete operations when a commenter is logged in. Is this best practice or do Strapi developers use the Strapi system user(s) for a case like this?
  2. I’m assuming I’ll create a one to many blog to comment relationship, correct?
  3. I’m assuming I’ll create a one to many commenter to comment relationship, correct?

Just wanted to make sure I’ve got my base understanding correct before I move forward.

Many thanks in advance,