Single type to appear within other single types

I am pretty new to this and have really no knowledge, just trying to help my boss who has lots to do, he is the one that actually knows something about coding and these kinds of stuff.
So… we were wondering if there is such a function in strapi where one can set up a single type which will display through the backend in a few other single types.
For example: subscribe section. We would like to create a single type for this section and we would like this same section to appear on a few pages of the website.
The way I create pages for the website on strapi is that each webpage I create as a single type. that means that I would need the subscribe single type to be placed in the backend in every single type which is a webpage. Then the content writer simply needs to change the text in the subscribe section single type and all the webpages will automatically be updated with the new text.
Is this possible?
Thank you!