SingleSelect and MultiSelect not Working with Strapi Design System and Strapi Stripe

System Information
  • **Strapi Version4.9.0:
  • **Operating SystemWindows 10:
  • **Databasemyslq:
  • **Node Version18.16.0:
  • **NPM Version9.2.0:
  • Yarn Version:

I’ve installed strapi-stripe latest version and when I go to the Settings->Cofiguration. Page will be blank ans show an error in console(Screenshot). If comment SigleSelect and MultiSelect to the configuration module on strapi-stripe moduels then it works. Can you please suggest solution to make it working.

not a solution but have you opend a issue with strapi-stipe github for this?

@Boegie19 Thanks for the reply. Not yet, I will try by creating fresh app. If issue apper then will create issue on github.