[SingleType / Performance] Is it possible to query for all available language versions of a SingleType in one API call?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3 and 4
  • Operating System: OSX
  • Database: not relevant
  • Node Version: not relevant
  • NPM Version: not relevant
  • Yarn Version: not relevant

See subject; I am trying to speed up my cache warming process and am wondering if I am missing a piece of understanding on how to get a rich array response back with all available language-specific records of a SingleType; this is actually a need I have for both Strapi v3 and v4. Documentation and experimentation with different API parameters did not get me to the desired result. Instead I always only get a single record back per API call (the specific one if locale is set or default one when language is set to include all locates)

Thanks in advance.

Sorry if I may not fully understand what your problem is but have you tried calling with the param:


normally this should get you the records for all languages of this single-type

For Strapi3 does not work; only returns a single item togethjer with the localizations property filled out; see below:

call single-type-entity?locale=*

same for using _locale btw


"variable" ...

Strapi 3 is EOL and should not be used for new project and all old projects should migrate to v4

Poor response given this project was not capable of providing proper migration scripts for more complex data structures, and boy, we tried them all.

If anyone has any ACTUAL help please advise. There is obviously a reason why we are running this instance on Strapi3 and not v4 like the majority of our instances.

it is correct that the migration script can breakdown with more complex migrations that is why everything is explained so you
1 tweek the migration script until it works for you
2 do the migration manually
3 rewrite aplication with v4 and migrate the data trough the apis

or alternatively take 15 seconds to confirm that the above cannot be done in strapi3 and actually provide helpful input.

Your answers are literally in the v3 docs and for v4 they are written out in the v4 docs.

Ill gladly have you show me what I cannot see after having read it a few times. Where does the documentation answers getting deep object graphs back for more than one language for a single type in a single call? locale_all does not work and population the internationalization with deep object graphs neither

seems like the documentation is not as clear as thought pending the lack of response @Boegie19 ?

if anyone has a clear answer I would highly appreciate it.