Sitemap not updating automatically


We tried to push a sitemap through the plugin on strapi, but it didn’t work as it was from a different domain (see this topic)

So we have today a sitemap that we push directly in our domain.

Google Search Console recognises it, it says it found +300 url. But it doesn’t recognise it when I go to the cover page on Search Console (see photo). the 57 pages are pages that I pushed manually.

Do you any idea why it doesn’t work ?


Hello Guillaume :wave:

As long as your sitemap is correctly formated and present on your front end, this is not really related to Strapi :frowning: but more related to GSC I guess.

You say it recognized your URLs but then on a different page of GSC, it’s different?

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Hi @Mcastres ,

Thanks for the help. It seems working now, we changed something on the sitemap, and then it just took time for Google to go through the website, and index the pages.

Have a great day !