Slugify plugin won't return data with "non default" locale

I have multiple instances of a entity “resources” and I have no problem fetching instances on the default locale “es-ES”.
However when I request entities with locales “en-US” and “zh-CN” for example I get a 404 using the /slugify/slugs/resource/:slug: endpoint.

I believe everything seems to be configured properly since the default locale data is retrieved properly.

trying to fetch the data through REST API filters returns 500
I can fetch the entity by id.
I can see the slug that was auto-generated as a prop or the entity.
I’m not requesting the locale on the url or headers.

WORKS: /api/slugify/slugs/resource/visado-de-estancia-por-estudios (locale of entity: ‘es-ES’)
DOESNT WORK: /api/slugify/slugs/resource/eu-family-reunion-visa (locale of entity: ‘zh-CN’)
DOESNT WORK: /api/slugify/slugs/resource/visa-to-stay-for-studies-what-is-the-study-permit (locale of entity: ‘en-US’)

I found out its possible to generate a slug with the “UID” field and that field can by queried through the REST API. so I’m gonna roll with it