Social Network Integration for SSO HELP!

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We’re encountering a significant issue in our project that uses Strapi as a core component. The project requires the integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn for our React-based front-end, with Strapi serving as the content management system (CMS) and authentication framework. Despite extensive efforts, we’re struggling with a persistent GANT error and have been unable to find adequate support or guidance from Strapi, or through community resources and forums.

A particular point of confusion involves Strapi’s new policy of monetizing SSO features for their Admin panel. We are trying to understand how this impacts our project, which necessitates SSO for front-end users, not the admin interface. Our situation is complicated because our SSO implementation uses Strapi admin for authenticating front-end user registrations and logins. Clarity is lacking on whether the community edition of Strapi supports this functionality or if it has been restricted, pushing users towards the Enterprise edition.

This challenge is not just ours alone; we have four clients with identical requirements, and our inability to resolve this issue could force us to switch to a different CMS, affecting multiple projects.

In light of these difficulties, we are in urgent need of a developer with a track record of successfully implementing front-end SSO in Strapi. The ideal candidate would be someone who can swiftly diagnose and fix these issues within a realistic timeframe.

If you have the necessary experience and feel confident in your ability to help us overcome this challenge, please contact us. Your skills and knowledge would be invaluable in helping us navigate and resolve this complex issue and ensure the continuity of our services to our clients.