Some but not all content on the website is malfunctioning - both single types and collection types

Hello Everyone,

Let me start off with the fact that I am not a developer, but I can understand most technical aspects when it comes to the Strapi as a CMS. I recently joined a company that hosts it’s website through AWS and runs on Strapi.

Just under a week ago we started experiencing errors on the website and we haven’t been able to figure where the problems are arising from.

Some of the website content does not show:

some images
some texts

Below are two links to see this in action:

Sijoittajalle → Usein Kysytyt Kysymykset (FAQ): asuntosäästö (
Blogi (Blog): asuntosäästö (

Any suggestions from where the issue might be coming from would be helpful. We are running Strapi v. 4.12.5 and Node v18.18.0 and it has been running smooth until now. I don’t have direct access to the AWS servers to update Strapi, and I would be hesitant to run any update before we know where the problem is stemming from.


Have you checkt the network tab in the chrome console? This is what it say. Give it to the development team. There is a problem med the connection.

This is from the FAQ page.

same problem with the Blog page.

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