Splitting the management of Admin Users and End Users

Recently, we merged a pivotal change to how we treat Admin Users and End Users. This post will describe what we did, why we did it and how it affects you as you continue to develop your projects going forward with Strapi.

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This is an interesting way of separating concerns. I don’t disagree but is confusing because of the naming conventions. I had to search through the documentation to understand teh concepts and where should I create a real person user and where to setup an account for my API calls. I’d rather prefer to have named them something like, borrowing from GCP, a "Service Account, or “API Account” and be explicit about it instead of in the UI call them both Users and have 2 different locations. IMO they both should be in the Settings menu and named accordingly. Calling it End User when it can be only used via an API call is confusing there’s no User as in a person but another system or machine using the “account”. I cannot login into the the dashboard with this so called “End User”
Thanks for the great product you guys have created

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Agreed. We went through the same pain too recently.

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+1 for the name convention