SSO admin login gets stuck on redirect to DOMAIN/admin/auth/login/success

System Information
  • v4.20.3:
  • Linux:
  • SQLite:
  • v20.11.0:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

We have set up SSO (with OIDC) to the admin panel with Azure AD. After successfully loggin in on the azure page, and redirecting back to strapi, the process gets stuck at the redirect to DOMAIN/admin/auth/login/success. Strapi does not go through with DOMAIN/admin/auth/login?redirectTo=%2Fauth%2Flogin%2Fsuccess.
Manually entering DOMAIN/admin/auth/login/success will complete the login and land the user on the DOMAIN/admin page.
Any ideas how this can be resolved?