Strapi 3.4.5 - Auth0

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.4.5
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Database: ----
  • Node Version: ----
  • NPM Version: ----
  • Yarn Version: ----

Hi everyone, I have just seen that the latest version of Strapi is already released (3.4.5).

I’ve seen for first time in my life the integration with ‘Auth0’. My question is quite simple.

Is this new provider only for the Front-End application or could be used to protect the CMS dashboard using Auth0-MFA?

This 2Factor Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication is really desired (and necessary, in my opinion) to protect the CMS, the dashboard.

Thank you in advance.

The Auth0 Provider in this case is only for the users-permissions plugin (REST/GraphQL) and in theory yes you could use MFA for this as it happens outside of Strapi.

The Admin panel answer is no, not yet. We are planning to release an SSO feature soon for the Admin panel, however it is only for the EE Gold edition. Once SSO releases we will open up a feature discussion to allow the community to give their feedback. However I will directly pass this feedback I’ve already seen from you to the internal team.

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