Strapi 4.3.9 community strapi.log not logging

I am trying to see logs from inside my controller

I have set my environment variables

  • STRAPI_LOG_LEVEL: Can be fatal, error, warn, info, debug or trace.
  • STRAPI_LOG_TIMESTAMP: Can be true/false.
  • STRAPI_LOG_PRETTY_PRINT: Can be true/false.
  • STRAPI_LOG_FORCE_COLOR: Can be true/false.

but I get no logging in my controller

Is there another step im missing?

same here did not work for me in service but i can print them in controller

seems like the forum is not very responding

I think you are looking at Strapi v3 docs. Those pop up first from a Google search.

This gives you a list of the log levels available:

Object.keys(strapi.log.levels).map( level => strapi.log[level](level))