Strapi Admin looks weird after activating GraphQL and links don't work

I activated GraphQL within strapi admin and all of a sudden the menu looks weird and the links inside settings do not work.

I’ve removed GraphQL, deleted node_modules, and updated to strapi 3.2.4 but still have this problem.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

What in the world lol? That is absolutely not supposed to happen and I certainly can’t reproduce it.

You will need to rerun the build, but first delete the following folders: build and .cache
Then run either npm run build or yarn build

Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem. Perhaps I should try a new install and copy over the api and components folder?

Have you made any modifications to the Admin panel ./admin/src or any extensions to the plugins ./extensions/some-plugin/admin/src ?

Also have you installed any plugins or built any plugins that didn’t come from us (not that I’ve ever seen one do this, but something could be causing a conflict)