Strapi Admin Plugins - How to populate useCMEditViewDataManager relations?


I have the following “problem” - if we can call it that. initialData and modifiedData returned from ‘useCMEditViewDataManager’ has most of the data my plugin needs. But the Content Type relations are empty! How can I populate this data?

Instead of employee data (which I normally get in frontend by a proper API call), with this admin panel hook here from line 39 I only get an href to the : “/content-manager/collection-types/api::employee.employee/3” and that is that:

useCMEditViewDataManager has a lot of functions provided which I do not know what they do or how to use them. You can read more about the functions provided by it here under the hidden dropdown “Example of a basic component using the ‘useCMEditViewDataManager’ hook”:

I would be very thankful to hear if this data can be populated some way.