Strapi Again and Again Register issue

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I had made a react project using strapi and install by quickstart. I had uploaded all my products details on strapi . But mostly time I run the project (npm run develop) it directly takes me toh the registration page. I had already made strapi account, but it doesn’t give login option . And after I even try to with same email pass I earlier used to register, and upload my assets, it says invalid credentials, and it get create new strapi account, and my assets get lost , every itme I run it . :sob::sob::sob: It should keep store my assets, but every time it says register, and my assets get lost …

My guess is that you are running strapi in a container with a sql lite what means as soon as the container is destoryed sql lite gets destoryed with it. try to use a mysql or postgress db instead

My project is completed, how could I do that now :sob: I am not that smart I am a student.

@Its_Kish Data transfer | Strapi Documentation or use Data import | Strapi Documentation Data export | Strapi Documentation