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Doesn’t work with Strapi v4. How long will this take to make this work?

Hello @THMO120 :wave:

Unfortunately, the gem is not maintained anymore so the article will remain unchanged until we found a way to update it correctly. I’ll put a disclaimer at the beginning of the article to give more information about this.

I have the plugin working with Strapi v4, but still needs more work for permalinks feature.


The Strapi v4 plugin is working now, but still needs more debugging and testingg.

Thank you for a great tutorial! In March 2024 dependencies may have changed so I wanted to point out that template parsing no longer works as described in this tutorial.

When using the latest version of Strapi as of now (4.20.4), and jekyll-strapi-4, articles are not parsed correctly.

Instead of article.title, you would write: article.strapi_attributes.title

I hope this helps someone.