Strapi Caching Plugins

hi all,
first of all thanks for the great work!
I’m trying to implement caching in strapi and would like to know if there are any best practices at the moment, also I have a specific issue.

I find two ways of implementing caching:

Caching in Strapi with REST Cache Plugin (official state “Alpha”)
Is one of the two approaches preferred or more “ready to use”?

While I did not get the strapi-middleware-cache to work at all, I can install and configure the strapi-plugin-rest-cache nicely.
I do have a specifc question for this: it seems that my requests are not getting cached.

  • My controller is registered for api::content-page.content-page
  • I did configure the content type in plugins.js “rest-cache”->config->strategy: contentTypes: ["api::content-page.content-page"]
  • I’m seeing strapi-plugin-rest-cache log entries like this: strapi:strapi-plugin-rest-cache [RECV] GET /api/content-pages?& HITPASS +0ms
  • strapi.plugins[“rest-cache”].services.cacheStore.keys() is empty and the requests seems to be not cached.
    My strapi is a bit outdated, will try to update soon:
    4.1.12 (node v14.17.3)
    strapi-plugin-rest-cache: ^4.2.6

any help is very much appreciated!

I have the same doubt