Strapi CKEditor 5 uploading images issue


I am having an issue with uploading images with CKEditor 5 on strapi. I have the official CKEditor 5 installed on my strapi 4.20.2. When I upload images using the CKEditor rich text editor, they are stored in the database with the full url prefix, meaning when I locally upload them, they are stored with http://localhost:1337/uploads/{image_name}. When I transfered my local strapi instance to my production instance, using a transfer token, all the images are broken because their path is still http://localhost:1337/uploads/{image_name}. The path should be with the production url in front of /uploads/{image_name}. I figured that if they are saved as /uploads/{image_name} without the url prefix, then it works both fine on local and on production environment. The issue is that I cannot change how they are saved in the database for the CKEditor field, they are always saved with the full url prefix, instead of only /uploads/{image_name}.

Anyone having similar issue, or any idea how I can fix this?

I’m also getting the same issue.
If you got some solution, please share with me also.