Strapi Cloud for Client Neteorks

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I’m looking at Strapi and whether it’s appropriate for one of my solutions. Strapi Cloud as a SaaS product is not appropriate for me, but its features and functionality are. I’d very much like to host that solution internally on our networks to allow teams in my org to deploy to a managed environment, rather than each team hosting there own copies of strapi. Is this possible? Am i able to create and host my own central strapi cloud that my teams can all deploy to and have a single team mananage and it.

My goal is to minimize the amount of work my teams have to do. Hosting is one of the big threads in that regard. The other desire is for the teams to not have to standup or deploy a test instance for their design or test phases. Is there plans for a fully remote strapi dev mode. Can my teams log in and design their api on a cloud instance without needing to have code stored or running locally. I note tools like appsmith do this, whilst still having storage in git as an option. Does strapi have similar plans?