Strapi Cloud to VPS

Hello. Can I somehow move my CMS from Strapi Cloud to my private hosting?

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Yes. Many options for deployment on a VPS

<@344388867446669315> could you provide me with more info?

I have Strapi set up locally and CMS on Strapi Cloud. I want to move all of that to my private VPS. The cost of Strapi Cloud is too much for me

I personally deploy my Strapi apps to my own VPS using Dokku. Dokku helps with stuff like proxying, database management, SSL etc. But be ware, Strapi Cloud has it’s price for a reason. If you deploy to you own VPS you’ll have to set if all up manually which will take more time, definitely without prior experience.

You can follow this tutorial if you want to use Dokku Deploy Strapi on Dokku and DigitalOcean Tutorial