Strapi commandline reset admin password throws "missing required options email or password when reset admin password"

Hi guys,
I’m currently working on a strapi project and was inviting a friend of mine who is studying cs to work in it with me. I’m running the thing on a mysql database on linux, whereas he is running it on windows with git bash. When trying to reset the admin password he’s getting an error:

missing required options email or password when reset admin password

He tried setting the password in git bash with the following query:

npm run strapi admin:reset-user-password --email="" --password="9G<cSqz46@%Z3SH.<XVZ2gn9GP-ShPdnWsj+y--$B"

Note: I’m leaving the password in clear here since this is only used locally and will never make it into production.

Is this a strapi error? I mean the args are obviously provided. Could this have something to do with some of the chars in the password? The prompt should be correct, if I’m not mistaken.

Does anyone have a solution to this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Can you try a password that is not using the special characters of < etc :slight_smile: I think that in a CLI those will need to be escaped etc :slight_smile:

Oh yea, could’ve thought about that. That did the trick, thanks. Issue can be closed I guess…

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