Add docker support for a Strapi Project with ease :rocket:
As easy as running a command, answer a few questions and your off to the races.

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Table of Contents

:vertical_traffic_light: Current Status

This package is currently under development and should be consider BETA in terms of state. I/We are currently accepting contributions and/or dedicated contributors to help develop and maintain this package.

For more information on contributing please see the contrib message below.

:sparkles: Usage

npx @strapi-community/dockerize

:rocket: Features

  • Easy add support for docker
  • Auto detects yarn or npm in your project
  • Build a docker-compose file

:whale: Docker-compose support

  • Postgres 12
  • MySQL 5.7
  • MariaDB

:reminder_ribbon: Contributing

I/We are actively looking for contributors, maintainers, and others to help shape this package. As this plugins sole purpose within the Strapi community is to be used by other developers and plugin maintainers to get fast responses time.

If interested please feel free to email the lead maintainer Simen / Eventyret at: simen@dehlin.dev or ping Cookie Monster#6725 on Discord.

If you got ideas that can be extended to this feel free to make a comment below :point_down: