Strapi Community Org Announces First Web Dev Competition

The Strapi Community Organization is thrilled to announce its first-ever web development competition! This competition is open to all web developers, and it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and potentially win some great prizes. So, grab a coffee and get started because the competition is now open for submissions!

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Excited to see the results!

can i use tailwindcss instead of Strapi Design System ??

You can indeed it’s not a requirement to use the system design .

We are more aligned with colors , so strapi purple etc :relaxed:

Tailwind is :100: a good choice to build it

Please what do you mean by this:

  • A hero component to showcase featured content and click through with a button

What will the click-through button do here? Will it lead to the content or just a dummy button?

A dummy button is fine it’s more like a FEATURED POST or FEATUED Plugin etc :slight_smile:
So for the design a dummy button is fine :slight_smile:

Alrighty. Thanks Sir.

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Hello :slight_smile: Great stuff, but I think you have a typo in the date February 28th, 2022 → February 28th,

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That is true it would be 2023.

Can we add any other pages along with Homepage, About Page and Bounty Page?

Yes you are allowed to do that those are the main ones we want to see.

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Thank you!