Strapi copy and paste from Collection Type List view

I was wondering if strapi already has a way to copy and Paste the collection Type record from the List view. I only see a delete option when I select a record.

Can you please provide more details, that would help us to understand your question better.

Example: We are basically using Strapi to generate dynamic Forms. In short we use Strapi to store Page field metadata. Example ( type of the field, radio button vs check box, css, label etc.) We have 1000s of such content. Sometimes we have to create a copy of these content as they can be different for different Programs etc. I am looking for a copy and paste feature where I can easily copy content and create a new one where the new content has all the field values from the old content. Does it make sense?

@sunnyson - Het do you think we can add that as a feature in strapi?

I really can’t understand where is the problem. You said that you only see the delete button but from your screenshot I see the Duplicate button.

how can i remove that button sir? cause the duplicate button not functional in that field

Yes that is the problem.why doesn’t the duplicate/copy button not work?

hello somebody knows? can answer?