Strapi custom plugin hot reload error

I am developing a custom screen for admin panel, that is called a plugin in Strapi.
I run the app using strapi develop --watch-admin
But whenever I save the file in my IDE, it hot reloads, but gives me an error saying
Warning: An error occured while requesting the API , and logs me out.

Attaching a screenshot for the same.

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Same here. For me it will usually redirect to login after 5-10 seconds. Or I have to manually refresh to get shown the login page again.

Running strapi v4.0.5 and v4.0.6.
Node 14.7.5
Tried with both yarn 1.22.1 and npm 7.21.0

It also appears to be happening in an official strapi video tutorial, so I’m guessing they are aware of it:

@abhimanyuPatil Removing this line fixes hot reload for me. No idea what effect this has downstream, but at least reloading works without being bumped out to the login page.


thanks mate, I’ll try and see if that works

where do I find this file? I am on ubuntu 20.04

The file is located in node_modules/@strapi/strapi. Keep in mind that it will reset every time you update strapi.