Strapi develop vs start


I’m new to Strapi and I’m trying to figure out what’s the process of developping a Strapi application. My question is more on if running Strapi with strapi start will lock configuration. This means the only way to change configuration to content-types and role based access is by running with strapi develop?

I tried to run your docker image from docker hub in an app service but no luck. I’m trying to figure if we create content-type and other custom modifications that is deployed in a docker image this would let someone change those configurations while the application is running.If we push new changes to the image that this could screw up what the user did in his configurations.

I thing Strapi documentation’s missing a clear explanation on how to work with Strapi (develop and start mode).


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It seems like its dead forum…

I have problem with starting existing strapi project locally and no one answers. :smiley:

Everything is very simple:


You can’t create new content-types in production and you can’t modify any existing configurations in production.

All the changes should be made in the development environment.

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Hi :wave: as a follow up to this questions, when you have a site in production using the SQLite option, and then in development you add another content-type or make a change to one, what will happen to the data in production?

Will the sqlite file just update the changes, or will it overwrite the data - since it is a file?

The production site is in a different place - the development is local on my machine