[Strapi Docker] How to exit a Strapi-docker app ? (ctrl + C didn't work...)

Hi, I would like to ask a question about a Strapi Docker app.

I faced an error after running a Strapi-docker app and tried to exit the process using ctrl + C :

However it only displayed ^C and didn’t exit the process. I ended up closing the terminal tab in which the process is still running.

As far as I know, ctrl + C worked to exit a docker container process (please correct me if I am wrong).

Any help is appreciated…

for docker run to exit out of the docker container bash shell. Just run exit or hit ctrl + D
for docker-compose you use ctrl + c
remember to use docker ps to check the status of your container and docker stop <container name> to actually stop the container
I hope this helps.

Thanks Ben, but typing exit and ctrl + D when an error caused by docker run did not get me out of the error.
I had to kill the terminal tab or terminal window.