Strapi doesn't loading the admin panel and it freezes

I get the message Opening the admin panel... when running npm start and then nothing happens. It freezes like that and I get nothing on http://domain.ip/admin Any idea how to fix that?

The system info is:

$ node -v

$ npm -v

$ yarn -v

This is on a new server on Digital Ocean. I installed my Strapi project with:

$ npm install
$ NODE_ENV=production npm run build

after following the guide about setting up on DO and I had no errors. I am using the version with the 2GB of RAM (the $10) with Ubuntu 18.04.

Same thing happens when I run:

$ NODE_ENV=production yarn start


$ yarn develop![Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 10.39.45|690x119]

This action won’t do anything on the server, you can ignore this or set the admin.autoOpen to false in either ./config/server.js or ./config/env/production/server.js see here:

But isn’t it an issue? I’m having the same problem in 29th december, 2020.

We have no steps to reproduce it @Pedromigacz and the Admin auto-open alone wouldn’t stop the backend from loading (the backend has to load to even get to that step).

Without more information I can’t help

For production at first start ‘npm run build’ then ‘npm run start’.
If the build stopped near to the end - add more RAM, at least 2GB and start all over.

For Ubuntu - restart PM2 process too with NGINX.