Strapi Editor Privileges


do you know, why my editors admins do not have any privileges, and how to change it?

Yes, I can add it locally, but when deployed, because on the server-side, the server does build for production.

In the first picture, you see that the user does not have any option. In second, you see the errors that I get when I want to add privileges as super admin.
Thank you

Try upgrading the the latest version (v3.6.2)

Thank you. I have updated, but still the same issue.

Is it because on the Server I am not in Dev mode?

Thank you

I’m not sure what you are referencing in your images, however what you might be trying to do is not available in the community edition and only in the enterprise edition. Can you point to what you are trying to modify with an arrow in your screenshot?

@DMehaffy thanks. I just want one user that has Editor role.

However, as you can se in the first picture. My Editor user (when logged in), does not see anything. The Editor sees only Media Library and Settings.

At least, he should be able to create some posts. And the question is, why my editor is not able to create posts that super admins can?