Strapi enumeration regex

Hello, maybe some of you faced problem with an enumeration regex? I have issue, when I want to make enumeration for locales, for example lt-LT, ru-RU, et-EE, etc. If I edit enumeration and add those values, I get an error. I can make a workaround to edit those values directly in components. But If I want to edit other fields that belongs to that component in UI, I get an error, which tells, that my enumeration content type does not meet required regex :slight_smile: Maybe strapi are planning to change that regex to validate _ - symbols?

Hey @ineta.e,

In short this is because Strapi supports GraphQL, which restricts the types of values that can be used based on the regex provided by Facebook, whom built GraphQL.

Checkout this tracking issue of why enums don’t allow special characters.