Strapi eventless Webhook trigger


In recent versions Strapi disallows webhooks without event. I am curious, why?

Having webhooks without events was a very nice and flexible feature. This way you can have nice CI setup - one webhook that is catching all events while rebuilding development website and another that you triggered only and only manually - to rebuild the production website.

This was a setup I used to have, and after latest update to 3.4.6 it’s lost. :slightly_frowning_face:

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This is not a change I’m familiar with, can you a describe a bit more what you mean?

(Even us at Strapi use manual webhooks)


When editing a webhook, if you remove all events you cannot save the webhook anymore. Yup validation chaned, so now you have to select at least one event in order to save the webhook. In early versions you could have a webhook without any events, so just a manual one.

Can you open up a bug report on GitHub as this shouldn’t be the case

I did, thanks for the suggestion.

It would be nice to have this functionality. As a simple workaround, I have assigned the “Publish” event and then disabled the webhook. When I need to run it, I can still trigger manually.