Strapi folders that should be used with PV/PVC in Kubernetes

I use Kubernetes cluster and Strapi app in it (dockerised)
I also use PostgreSQL with statefulset and the data there is stable
But I have found that images that are uploaded into the application are lost with every pod restart. Analyzing the structure I have found out that all uploaded images are put into /opt/app/public/uploads/ directory. So when I put it into the volume having created PVC for this all the pictures remain in the folder on pod’s restart
But I wonder if there are any other Strapi directories that store anything else and also should be volumed with PV/PVC since I do not want to loose the artifacts oк content?

To my best knowledge the only files created are the uploaded items note that if you want it to be saved in S3 there are strapi upload providers who can do that.

uploaded folders - do you mean /opt/app/public/uploads or anything else (just want to be confirmed with the real way)
Thanks about S3 storage reminder - I will try to see if I can use it

To my knolage yes and if you use sqllite there is the /opt/app/.tmp/data.db but notting else

No, no any local sqlite (and this folder does not exist). Once again thanks for the update