Strapi for a Multisite Franchise Network?

I dont use Strapi til now, but I got a call asking for a Franchise Network Website and as I was hearing a Podcast about strapi the other day, I thought I might check out if it will be a option.

Essentially they will need a Marketing Website for every Franchisee (with its own URL).
The Franchise Partner should be able to edit some Information on their Website, while the Network Admin should be able to edit the Defaults without overriding the Franchise Partners Changes.

I am currently deducting the right backend for a project like this.

Frontend would be created probably with gatsby or next, as it should be static.

Is this Possible with Strapi? Would I need a payed membership?


For both questions the answer is yes.

You can have content for multiple websites by using a single instance. You can also limit the access to a specific content to the creator/author. So every admin will see its own content only. But for this you need a paid subscription to customize the roles. So you will actually create a role Per website and give the access only to the desired things.

Hi @sunnyson Is this functionality possible with a self-hosted version of Strapi? I have doing some research and couldn’t find much information on the topic. Thanks

Same question.

Also in the process of deciding for headless cms.

Is this possible with opensource version.

Please provide us an update

Similar question here. Is there any ability to do this with the self hosted opensource version. Is there a plug-in that can extend this functionality?