Strapi for multi domain websites

Hi, I have to manage multiple domain websites but not sure how it is possible with Strapi.
Strapi Backend: Frontend:
Strapi Backend: Frontend:
Strapi Backend: Frontend:

I have articles with different topics and each topics will be hosted individually with each domain. Data model of articles will be same,
You might remember that there is multi websites management in WordPress, I want to know how it is possible with Strapi.

I’m also interested that,

We have a global travel agency in 7 different locations around the world,

At Umbraco, for example, I can manage global assets for all websites and specific content for each website.

What’s about a combination of relational fields and RBAC? I’m currently working with that to setup a backend for multiple websites.

Let’s say I have two collection types: companies and news.
I’m adding the companies type as an 1:n relational field to the news so that every news belongs to a company.
With custom RBAC conditions (only in paid version) I can then restrict access to the entries so that a member of companyA only can see news with a relation to companyA.
In the frontend you then just query the news which belong to the website (the company).

Hope this helps.
Reach out if I should clarify.

FYI this is called multi-tenancy or in this case using RBAC as a control plane it would be pseudo multi-tenancy since the data isn’t split at the storage level.

While this does work, I’d advise caution using something like this if the websites aren’t somewhat related, there are risks with running multiple websites on a single Strapi instance. I’d usually advise multiple Strapi instances and handle domain routing via something like Nginx.