Strapi for Open Source sign-up broken?

I went to the Strapi webpage to complete the form for consideration for a bronze package as an open source project: Free EE | Strapi the leading open-source Node.js headless CMS

It says to ‘Fill the form below’. But there isn’t a form below. Tried with Safari and Firefox, and with ad blockers disabled, still no luck.

Seems the cloud versions aren’t released yet? Strapi - Pricing Cloud

Although it’s a little confusing, the webpage says it’s coming soon, but the upvote page that it’s under consideration: Under consideration 💡 - Roadmap | Product Roadmap

Did I come across a holding page? Is the open-source license going to be for cloud or just for self-hosted?

Our free Bronze license is for self-hosted, we do not have a cloud version yet and no ETA on it’s release.

Thanks for the info. Am I being dimwitted though or is there no form to apply for the Bronze license for self-hosted? Free EE | Strapi the leading open-source Node.js headless CMS

Self-hosted isn’t an option, only Open-Source there. Meaning your Strapi project code needs to publicly available (All Strapi applications are self-hosted, it doesn’t mean that those are open-source or non-profit).

For the OSS option you would include a link to your project code (Git Repo URL). I believe for the “proof of non-profit” you can just include the file you keep in your repo though I’m not sure there.