Strapi -> Heroku deployment -> blank admin page?

Been trying to fix this all day. I followed the guide to deploy to heroku and everything works fine, except I can’t access the admin page (it shows up blank). Here is the error that inspect element shows:

any ideas how to fix this? anyone had this issue?

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If anyone was having this issue, I was able to fix it. I ended up updating to the latest strapi version, then created a new strapi project. Then I created a new heroku project following the online guide.

Hey @yurekae , in this way, the previous data will be lost, right?

yes, unfortunately. i’m not sure of how to copy data from different strapi projects, but because i didn’t have much complex content, i just remade everything. i’m not sure of a solution that can be done without losing data (although i’m sue it exists).

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