Strapi + Heroku. Why I can't add new content types in production!

System Information
  • Strapi Version: ** v3.4.1
  • Operating System: macOS
  • Database:
  • Node Version:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Hi all!

Right now I have finished Strapi + Heroku setup in this instruction . But how I can use it? Link open page " The server is running successfully." but I can’t use admin panel. If I added /admin to my url I successfully logged in, but I can’t add new content types like in localhost mode (when quick start). Please help me! :slight_smile:
p.s dev or stage env not helped!

so apparently you can only add new content types when in development mode because of the way nodejs apps work at least that is what i was explained on github for a similar question.

I have my app running on ubuntu 18.04 on Strapi is running always with pm2. Whenever i need to add a content type i would just stop pm2 and then run yarn develop and then once i’m done i just start pm2 again.

Also I have tried setup locally by this instruction Running Apps Locally | Heroku Dev Center
but command

heroku local

gives error “Error while running command start: Could not load function /Users/eduardsinyakov/my-project/config/functions/.DS_Store: Invalid or unexpected token”

@DMehaffy need your help friend :pray:

You are on a Mac as that .DS_Store is a Mac thing, unfortunately I am a Linux guy :confused:

Ok, thanks. Do you know what’s deploy method is the best and simple for Mac? I’m from iOS development, I really dummy in node, ubuntu etc. Digital Ocean is cool but I can’t use multiple relations in Strapi, because haven’t project locally on Mac.
By the way, why in Heroku when test or stage environment I still can’t modify collection types?

For the Heroku Question it’s two fold:

Not sure what you mean relating to DO and relations?

Relations I mean this Simple nested array issue - #4 by DMehaffy
I have several content types in content type.

Are you overriding the service to add custom population?