Strapi Import fails

Whenever I try to import a backup made using strapi export. I get this error

error: [strapi-plugin-sitemap]: Something went wrong while trying to build the SitemapStream. TypeError: Invalid URL

I guess it’s related to the Sitemap plugin.

  1. How can I resolve this issue?
  2. How can I exclude this plugin from the backup?

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Well export, exports json of your database

The sitemap uses some database

Just check that you are not importing sitemap stuff

Or this is lack of some configuration that aren’t exported with export

That why strapi transfer is recommended way

Could you please provide more details? I am new to strapi and the error is very vague.

I have tried npm run strapi export -- --only content and still got the same error which is weird because what does the sitemap pulgin has to do with the actual content. Maybe it is an issue with the schema.

I will try strapi transfer and will update you.

Update: I still get the same error for strapi transfer

Try to to fire an issue on their GitHub

Maybe you get some help there :confused:

I already did and waiting for a response.

However, I was looking here for a way to exclude this plugin from the backup

I have found a workaround. Just delete all sitemap settings defined in admin panel in the DESTINATION MACHINE. Effectively resetting the plugin to a state where it doesn’t initialize the sitemapStream.