Strapi installation fails on Mac M1


I am new to Strapi. I am trying to install strapi in my MAC M1 and have encountered issues.

System Details :
Mac M1 Pro
OS: 13.4.1

Followed the general guideline as illustrated in Quick Start Guide - Strapi Developer Docs | Strapi Documentation .

Installed node 16.8.0 (npm version 8.19.2)
ran npx create-strapi-app strpoj1 --quickstart

Got a prompt

Need to install the following packages:
Ok to proceed? (y)

Clicked y

and then I got this error

Creating a quickstart project.
Creating a new Strapi application at /Volumes/VOL D/code/strapi/strpoj1.
Creating files.
Error while installing dependencies:

 Keep trying!

Oh, it seems that you encountered errors while installing dependencies in your project.
Don't give up, your project was created correctly.
Fix the issues mentioned in the installation errors and try to run the following command:

cd /Volumes/VOL D/code/strapi/strpoj1 && yarn install

No details on what dependency failed .

Unable to proceed further. Any help is highly appreciated

Note : Same error when I tried with latest version of node 18.17.1 LTS version as well.



I found the solution . For the benefit of others.

  1. Uninstall your existing node js
  2. Install nvm using brew
  3. Install the node 18 lts using nvm
    Once this is installed, run npx create-strapi-app strpoj1 --quickstart
    and it works like a charm