Strapi integration with Auth0 + ReactNative

Hi guys, I have created an iOS app with React native for which I’m using Strapi as the backend, now I have to implement authentication. I moved with auth0 as it is simple to implement. It works fine when I don’t bring a strapi in between.

Now i want to use Strapi’s Auth0 provider to streamline the process, but I’m confused about what to put in the Redirect url and JWKS url.

Please help.

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<@657251306435772476> Your jwks url has to be something like https://{yourAuth0Domain}/.well-known/jwks.json

I am not sure about redirect url since you’re using app.

Never mind i figured it out. Its working now fine as i wanted.
Thanks for the help though

<@657251306435772476> By chance have you find out how to redirect to auth0 signup through strapi api?

I am just looking for that